DAK Prevention

For everyone who values health!
from €155.13 – €524.59 per month
DAK health insurance
Worldwide travel health insurance
Dental insurance for dental treatment, dentures and dental prophylaxis
Health care insurance for visual aid, vaccinations, examinations, eye Lasik
  • DAK employee health insurance
  • Health insurance according to statutory benefits
  • Travel vaccinations
  • skin cancer screening
  • Kinesio taping
  • Teeth cleaning allowance: €60.00
  • The calculated contributions to health insurance are guidelines and only include the employee's share from DAK Gesundheit
  • HPV vaccination up to the age of 26(DAK outstanding service for Easy to Germany)
  • Travel health insurance
  • Worldwide health insurance coverage
  • Free choice of medical doctors
  • Medicines, bandages, remedies, aids
  • Transport, search, rescue or recovery costs
  • Dental pain reliever treatment
  • Patient repatriation
  • Funeral and repatriation costs
  • Dental insurance compact 50%
  • Dental prophylaxis
  • Dentures
  • Annual reimbursement for dental treatment: €60.00
  • Health care insurance
  • Medical checkups
  • Vaccinations and malaria prophylaxis
  • Glasses and contact lenses
  • Refractive Surgery
  • Hearing aids
DAK employee health insurance
Travel health insurance
Dental insurance compact 50%
Health care insurance